30 rules that will get you through life

  • If it frightens you, then do it!
  • Don’t settle. Everytime you settle, you get what you settled for.
  • Put yourself first.
  • No matter what happens, you’ll handle it.
  • Whatever you do, do it a 100%!
  • If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you always got.
  • You’re the only person on the planet responsible for your needs, wants and happiness.
  • Ask for what you want.
  • If what you’re doing is not working, try something different.
  • Be clear, be direct.
  • Learn to say no
  • Don’t make excuses.
  • If you’re an adult, you are old enough to make your own rules.
  • Let people help you.
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Do not anyone treat you badly, no one, ever!
  • Remove yourself from bad situations instead of waiting the situations to change
  • Do not tolerate the intolerable ever
  • Stop blaming, victims never succeed.
  • Live with integerity. Decide what feels right to you and then do it.
  • Accept the consequences of your actions.
  • Be good to yourself
  • Think abundance
  • Face difficult situations and conflicts head on.
  • Don’t do anything in secret.
  • “Do it now”
  • Be willing to let go of what you have so you can get what you want.
  • Have fun, if you’re not having fun, something is wrong.
  • Give yourself room to fail, there are no mistakes, only learning experiences.
  • Control is an illusion, let go and let life happen.

– From “No More Mister Nice Guy”

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